WILDWELLBEING are invested in the empowerment and cultivation of sustainable health, happiness and wellbeing by providing you with a plethora of bespoke services. We do this by creating inspirational and motivational workshops & events at your place of work, private conferences or even in the wild. 



Curating and providing tailored workshops, talks, tasters with holistic therapists as well as more traditional activities like yoga, mindfulness and Qui Gong classes, we can come to your facility to inspire and motivate your staff to be empowered.


We have the capabilities to create the perfect setting for your private retreat or event for co workers, friends, family or party revellers, all centred around your wellbeing and the cultivation of it.


A leading provider to festivals for their wellbeing areas.  The sky is really the limit when it comes to your imagination and can be executed with style, passion alongside high end service.

We generate an eco system that serves our clients as well as the local community, creating relationships and loyalty resulting in your empowerment towards maintaining your own wellbeing long term once we have gone.